Introducing: Lola Blanc ‘Bad Tattoo’

It’s not everyday we get a new pop starlet ready to make an impact in a big way. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lola Blanc is preparing to do just that with the release of her new single “Bad Tattoo,” which premiered yesterday on Idolator. Produced by Jon Levine (Selena Gomez, Cher Lloyd, Nelly Furtado), “Bad Tattoo” is a edgy pop record packed with a pulsating dance beat, an earworm of a chorus, and Lola’s bold and feisty vocal. It sounds like Marina & The Diamonds and Katy Perry at their very best – I love it! With a major co-writing credit on her hands (Britney Spears‘ forthcoming single from the Smurfs 2 soundtrack, “Ooh La La“), there’s no reason Lola should not be making waves if given the right push. “Bad Tattoo” has major potential and the artistic vision is there. Get familiar! Lola Blanc just may be the next big female breakout star.

BUY Lola Blanc’s debut single “Bad Tattoo” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Idolized101

    When I saw this post I was all excited. And you compared her to the likes of 2 of my favorite artists. But when I listened to the single + the cover It just reminded me of an artist you showed us before. Lolene. Lola screams Lolene. The difference is I think I like Lolene better.


    Judge for yourself.

  2. Patrick

    “It’s not everyday we get a new pop starlet ready to make an impact in a big way.”

    Yea, but it sure seems like it!

  3. Kentamplin

    Comparison is batter for any artist because all the artists having different styles and she is very different singer as well as she has high quality unique voice quality.

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