Introducing: Betty Who

She’s already won over the hearts of my friends over at Idolator, MuuMuse, and KickKickSnare, and now I’m totally ready to hop on the bandwagon with Betty Who. So “who” exactly is Betty Who? Shes an Australian singer-songwriter who’s begun to create some major buzz in the blogosphere over the last few months with her debut EP, The Movement. Co-written by Betty herself with Peter Thomas and April Bender, the free set includes 4 fantastic indie-pop anthems filled with dreamy electronica, addictive hooks, and glorious production. Together they all make sense and serve as a superb introduction for the unsigned songstress. I can’t get enough! For someone who is still very much flying under the radar, Betty already seems like she knows exactly what she’s doing – a proper pop star. So what are you waiting for? Join the WHO crew!


  1. Jason

    YES YES. She’s the breakout popstar of 2013, been loving her for some time now and continue to spread the word, thanks for featuring a great talent!

  2. Tommy

    LOVE her! Thank you for sharing….. Great songs, especially “High Society” and “You’re In Love” … glossy production and some KILLER hooks. Would love to see her blow up here but doubt it will happen. The gays will catch on very soon..this one just did. 🙂

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