Beyoncé: ‘Rise Up’ (From ‘Epic’ Soundtrack)

In addition to voicing Queen Tara on the new animated film Epic, Beyoncé recorded an original song for the official motion picture soundtrack called “Rise Up“! Co-written with Sia and produced by Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe, “Rise Up” is your typical empowering pop ballad affair but Queen B makes it very much her own with soaring vocals and a beautiful melody. Its nothing out of this world, but it sounds like it serves it’s purpose and at least we have something official from B. Listen below! What do you guys think?

Rise Up


  1. Ben

    I love how all these artist are getting Sia to write for them… and then they just imitate her vocals…

    1. Brandon

      Please read up on your facts. The song was co-written between the two of them. Sia did not write the whole song otherwise Beyonce wouldn’t have the writes to say co-written.

      1. Pip

        She only needs to change one word of the lyrics, or do any (unwritten) harmonising to be credited as co-writer.

  2. Casey

    WOw holy doubleing. Bad enough hearing her voice normally but way to much overlaying of her voice. Either way, an artist that needs to disapear already.

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