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Beyoncé: ‘Grown Woman’ Full Premiere + ‘Turnt’ w/ The-Dream & 2 Chainz!

After weeks of teasing with snippets and live performances, Beyoncé‘s brand-new track “Grown Woman” has leaked in full! The empowering female anthem, produced by Timbaland and co-written by The-Dream, is currently featured in the 31-year-old superstar’s Pepsi commercial and is set to appear on her upcoming album. While I love the marching tribal beat and B‘s signature growl, the track lacks a consistent chorus and runs a little long – it shouldn’t matter though, anything she touches turns into gold. The track itself doesn’t sound like the final version of the song but it should enough until the official is released. “Grown Woman” isn’t the only Beyoncé song we get today though, her collaboration with The-DreamTurnt,” from his new album IV Play, has just premiered ahead of its May 28 release – Listen below!

GW / Turnt



  1. Same trash she always puts out. She needs to give it up already.

    1. enuff said

    2. I don’t think we heard the same song cause I think it’s fresh, fit for summertime and unlike anything else out right now.

    3. If by “same trash” you mean “hits”, then sure. Beyonce’s still at the top of her game, so gtfo.

  2. Amazing LOVE IT. So much!
    However the cheer’s are off-putting? Im guessing this is a leak of a prerecorded concert track? That has cheers on it.

  3. Nothing new both songs are pure crap Beyonce has lost her panache her music has become repetitive and uncatchy, her songs are pure trash. I hope this time her label n the billboard don’t make up that her new album debuted at the num 1 when it’s released .

    1. er label n the billboard don’t make up that her new album debuted at the num 1 when it’s released ” made up? are u serious, all her albums have been number one and lets not forget in every album there has been a hit. I agree with some of the comments that state that she is on top of her game, and with Jon when he says everything she touches turns to gold because i can bet u, when a single is officially released it will be top10 on itunes and billboard.

    2. Please stop being ridiculous. These are just looking for a reason to put down someone amazing. All you are is a wanna be hipster so you can say “Well I disliked it first” The song is great, catchy, fun, and so easy to dance to. Especially while raising a child and being pregnant. Please swerve.

  4. I adore everything Bey does. beyhive STAN hard as hell but… Grown Woman is kind of dry 🙁

  5. this sounds like EVERYTHING she puts out. so tired of it and her trying to drag all the other female singers with her lyrics. She buys her writing credits and her awards, THEIFONCE is becoming redundant. Kelly Rowland’s “Grown Woman” song is way better.

  6. This is like Run The World, Won’t be a hit…

  7. I think it’s fresh, like Beezy69 said, and it’s a fun track!

  8. I think she forgets that she’s a mother now and not a young teenager anymore. She needs to get sophisticated with her branding now.

    1. No, she doesn’t. Women don’t need to all of a sudden become conservative just because they have a kid. Take that sexist shit the hell out of here.

  9. I’m so happy the universe created Solange

  10. Pretty bad IMO. It doesn’t go anywhere.

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