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Jennifer Lopez: ‘Live It Up’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Jennifer Lopez‘s latest video for “Live It Up” featuring Pitbull! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming eighth studio album, scheduled for release later this year via 2101 Records/Capitol Records. Directed by Jessy Terrero, the clip sees the Latin superstar snatch wigs as she pummels the runway in various outfits and parties in Miami Beach with Pitbull and friends. There isn’t necessarily a concept, its just a whole lot of glamour shots and fierce choreography – so obviously I love it. 43 AND KILLING IT! YOU GET IT J.LO! What do you guys think?

BUY Jennifer Lopez’s new single “Live It Up” w/ Pitbull on iTunes NOW!



  1. #43 AND KILLING IT! (I agree)
    But the video is kinda boring =/

  2. Oh hai Eva Marcille!

  3. omg this video suckssss

  4. Lead single for her Tenth album, Boo. The video is SICK!!!!

  5. Now this diva knows how to entertain!!

  6. PERFECTION!!!! Adore her!

  7. beautifuuul !

  8. Oh god there was so much going on, I feel dizzy feel like I want to be sick, pass me the sick bucket. I think JLO is a one hit wonder that happen’s every few years, but this is a nauseating mess, including the song, Pitbulls rap. This will bomb hard, and the break in the song is so annoying ‘spotlight ready to go’ haven’t we heard that a million times, she needs someone to write her songs and she always sings from her nose.

    1. Hahahaha… JLo – one hit wonder? just with that you lost all the credibility to your further comment…

  9. Jennifer is absolutely beautiful in this new video. Love the fashion and makeup. Great summer smash! GO J.LO!

  10. That sexy phone is the Nokia Lumia 920

  11. I love Jlo ever 🙂

  12. Looks like a baby took a sloppy shit on her lips.

  13. WOW she looks incredible!

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