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Carly Rae Jepsen: ‘Take A Picture’ Premiere!

After weeks of teasing, Carly Rae Jepsen finally debuted her brand-new song “Take A Picture” during part one of American Idol‘s season 12 finale. The track is a collaboration between the 27-year-old singer and Coca Cola’s Perfect Harmony contest, which allowed viewers to select everything from portions of the song’s lyrics to the theme and effects of the performance across eight weekly voting segments. “Take A Picture” sounds even more sweet and bubblegum than anything on Carly‘s debut album Kiss. Its lighthearted, romantic, simple, and even a bit cheesy but that’s always been her signature. I’m already hooked, its the perfect summer pop song. You can download “Take A Picture” for free until Friday (May 17) on! What do you guys think?

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  • MusicManDave

    Now this is the closest you are going to get to her “Call Me Maybe” single. I hear a hit with this one. It has all the elements of being on the radio. Congrats!

  • yep

    This is why I hated her on Canadian Idol. I was holding out for a throwback reference there, somewhere. She’s done a really good job of just… erasing, that bit.

  • Stephen

    I’ve been a fan of Carly since Canadian Idol and have seen her live on multiple occasions when she was still building her career. I feel like this song is a completely 180 and she’s not the same artist was was. Not a huge fan of it, she needs to go back to her folksy roots.

  • narda

    I think she is copying someone and I can’t put finger on it who she is copying. But, I think she has guts because she is standing on her principle.

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