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Daft Punk: ‘Random Access Memories’ Full Album Stream!

Daft Punk‘s fourth studio album Random Access Memories isn’t due out until May 21 but you can listen to it in full now! If you’ve been following their every move (like I have), then you’ve seen the endless advertisements, checked out their fierce Saint Laurent Paris editorial, and have heard all the leaked clips and snippets. Featuring collaborations from Nile Rodgers, Pharrell, Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Julian Casablanca and Paul Williams, Random Access Memories is NOT the epic dance album you’ve all been anticipating but it definitely still is a fantastic record. Its unexpected, impressive musically, refreshing, and weirdly chill in places. The French duo have moved on and evolved from the heavy electronic beats that first elevated them to fame. Random Access Memories isn’t going to be for everyone and I have a feeling they’re totally okay with that. Enough chit chat though – Listen to the album via iTunes NOW!

BUY Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” w/ Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers on iTunes now!


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