Flashback Friday: Lindsay Lohan ‘Rumors’

This weeks Flashback Friday song belongs to actress, singer, model, and star of Herbie: Fully LoadedLindsay Lohan. When the young diva wasn’t busy dominating in films like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, she was pouring out some pretty legendary pop tunes. “Rumors,” off her 2004 debut album Speak, is just one of her many classic jams. Produced by Cory Rooney (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, etc), “Rumors” achieved moderate commercial success worldwide and mostly received mixed reviews from music critics because of the subject matter. With all the stories buzzing around Lindsay now, this song can almost be seen as prophetic. The son is still my jam, I can’t be the only one we reenacts the elevator scene from the video whenever I step into one. Last week, Lindsay finally checked into rehab (again) – we praying for you girl! Happy Friday?

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  1. I really Love speak and a Leitte more personal album… Is sad how que became nothing… But i still like her xD

  2. Loves this song always have… EPIC!

  3. still waiting for Spirit In The Dark … #Bossy was GREAT

  4. good times *——*

  5. Great track! It was a top ten hit in Australia.

  6. that song was really good… sad for lilo

  7. 2:53

  8. Lindsay using Illuminati symbolism before it was cool, what a hipster. 2:53

  9. I SO wanted her to take over when she released this. I thought she could have been really big, and then they released an album that did not jive with the first single..there was a lot of potential but it just slipped away. I still love Lindsay, and hope she gets well.

  10. I used to be Lindsay’s No.1 fan.. I thought she was just everything. She could dance, she could sing, she could act, she could host, she used to be a model, she was amazingly hot.

    Nowadays I can’t seem to find that girl. Her acting is bad, and she looks haggard and unkempt. It makes me so so sad. But I still hope that one day she will get her act together and return to her former glory.

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