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Mariah Carey: ‘#Beautiful’ feat. Miguel – Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Mariah Carey‘s latest video for “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel! The track is the lead single off Mariah‘s upcoming new album, scheduled for release this Summer. Directed by Joseph Kahn, the clip sees Mariah modeling some revealing outfits and riding on the back of a vintage Porsche motorcycle with Miguel. Overall the video was shot beautifully and the concept is simple but it works for the song. Anything with lots of hair whips usually works for me! What do you guys think?

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  • Edg5

    The video just as the song is so damn fucking boring I can’t stand it it’s pure crap, Mariah won’t any success with bullshit like this, her career is over that’s why she’s jealous of Nicki Minaj cos now Nicki’s songs are cooler and Mariah left behind

    • MIKE

      Clearly this is an attempt to troll…
      Mariah has been doing this for over 2 decades now. Pretty sure her and her career aren’t going anywhere. Unlike other “artists” that are pure processed garbage, she actually has talent.

      • Christopher

        If Mariah has been doing this for 2 decades now, then she should know this video is complete shit.

        I mean the song is so beautiful! .. It’s so nice & charming but the video is pure shit. The nicest part is her in the yellow dress. I think it’s adorable, but her dressed like a hooker on a motorcycle infront of a sunset? are you kiddin me?

        You play the song on mute & watch the video and it is NOTHING that it should be. Huge disappointment cuz I really enjoy the song

  • JJ

    The song is great, but Miguel is the dominant force in it, relegating Mariah to a guest star on her own single. This video is ridiculous, though. She has been overdoing the look-at-me-I’m-a-sexpot thing for far too long. It’s time to evolve and grow-up image-wise, and she seems incapable of it.

  • Jay

    They added extra squeaking in between the song for the video version. Annoying gets more ridiculous, fcking great. If you didn’t think the song was squeaky annoying before then what’s with this mess?! Crazy took one too many happy pills on the day they filmed the video, clearly! Miguel should’ve kept the song to himself and do away from the crazy squeaky nuisance.

  • shane

    I was expecting horrible things by these comments…..

    its good! she looks good! I like the bike outfit. Way to go Mariah!

  • Solostar1

    Mimi is soo F888g HOTTT!!! 43 years old has never been this Hot and she doesn’t look like 43 more like 23!!!! Love #Beautiful!!Song of Summer!!!

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