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Jennifer Lopez: ‘Live It Up’ feat. Pitbull – Single Premiere!

As promised, Jennifer Lopez has premiered her brand-new single “Live It Up” featuring Pitbull! The track will serve as the lead single off her upcoming eighth studio album, scheduled for release this summer. Produced by RedOne, “Live It Up” marks the third time the trio have come together to create another pop hit. The song is sonically similar to “On The Floor” and “Dance Again” but it quickly takes off in the middle and easily becomes a wild and amazing dance banger. It may be a bit expected and generic but there is no doubt J.LO has got herself another big summer jam. What do you guys think?

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Live It Up



    Sorry, this song is like every generic, cheesy party pop record rolled into one – totally scraping the bottom of the barrel. I can’t wait for this sound to die.

  • John

    Sources in the music Industry are saying the song is so bad, that this is going to really put Jlo career in jeopardy, she has never recover since being release from Idol, with no major music or movie contracts in the future, that no matter what publicity or rumors she or her team management put out to the tabloids or public, her career is headed for disaster?

    • SerferTJ

      lol @ those “sources”
      Even if she never makes another album or stars in another movie, she can just focus on her TV & Film production company, clothing line, perfume collection, endorsements…basically anything.

      Seeing as she was named Forbes’ 2012 MOST POWERFUL CELEBRITY last year…I think her career is fine…

  • Robert

    Hey Boo, it’s going to be her tenth album, not the eighth. She also said on the radio earlier today that the album has no release date, but it won’t be this summer.

    But back to the main subject.. the song is not my favorite, but undeniably fun for the summertime

  • @FernandowJunior

    … and now every first single from jlo new album’s will be featuring mr. worldwide ?

  • dMC2013

    what is that??JLo’s music has become garbage!!she can’t even get a hit on her own without mr worldwide LOL…

  • MusicianWorking

    The album is beautiful and easily much better than her first album in my opinion. I agree the songs that are joyous are quite joyous as the others that are sad, are quite sad. Yet the whole album is moving either way, the sounds are just so beautiful. I cant stop listening to “Anything Could Happen”
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