The Wanted: ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of The Wanted‘s latest single “Walks Like Rihanna“! The track serves as the lead single off their upcoming third studio album, scheduled for release later this year. In the clip, the group pays homage or mocks – depending on which way you look at it — their boy band predecessors by re-creating some classic scenes from music videos by *NSYNC, Take That, and the Backstreet Boys. It isn’t the most original idea but its always nice to see the boys show some personality. The video is meant to be fun and tongue-in-cheek and I think they succeeded. What do you guys think?

The Wanted will release their new single “Walks Like Rihanna” in the UK on June 24!


  1. Amy

    ::blink blink:: they got nothing on Nsync and BSB… they shouldn’t even try. now excuse me while i go watch an nsync and bsb video…

  2. jO

    There’s a reason why they say you should be an amazing version of yourself and not a half-ass copy of someone else.
    douche-bag overload

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