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Mariah Carey: ‘#Beautiful’ feat. Miguel – Single Premiere!

Mariah Carey‘s new single “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel is here – Listen below! The track produced by the duo themselves serves as the lead single off Mariah‘s upcoming new album, scheduled for release this Summer. The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, is set to premiere this Wednesday (May 8) on American Idol.

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  • NZMCFan

    Pre-release comments mentioned a more age-appropriate and retro sounding track. It has a retro feel similar to ‘Dreamlover’ from back in ’93. What I love about this track is a great hook, simple vocals and a catchy chorus – all things Mariah Carey used to do well but lost sight of a while ago. It could also be the influence of Miguel that has complimented her well here. And maybe she needs to allow more recent talents to work with her and compliment her sound. It makes her maintain a current sound. Whatever it is I just hope its a sign of things to come for her upcoming album. As for you Jon Ali – you’re a legend for keeping your finger on the pulse of new music. Cheers mate!

  • AC

    I like the song but this sounds like it should be Miguel featuring Mariah Carey. It sounds like he produced it and his vocals stand out more than hers. I feel like she is using his success and talent for her benefit. Just saying…

  • Darren

    I love it!! 100x better than Triumphant. Mariah is on fire again!! Just kinda wish the song was a little bit longer… leaves me wanting more 🙂

  • Andrew

    What’s with Mariah all these duets that start with the partner singing her song. I don’t like that. Wish miquel wud have less of a opening. Other than that I like it!!!

  • Jay

    Less Mariah Crazy and more Miguel. She’s terrible. She’s squeaky, screeching, and annoying like nail-on-the-board annoying.

  • 90210

    I like how Mariah is up with the current trends choosing Miguel and using the hashtag as her song title so the song along with her exposure on IDol should generate into a hit song. Though I feel this slow jam could go to more Hip & R&B radios and BET I see her fans making this a number one hit if they buy alot of copies.

  • 90210

    Mariah needs to go back to the songrwriting board with Jermaine Dupri and make more catchy melodies. She used to have SO MANY radio friendly songs. Even singles off ehr Butterfly, Rainbow, Charmbracelet, Mimi & E=MC2 had countless catchy tunes that kept her afloat in the top 40 music scene and brought unforgettable TV performances and awesome tours that I went to. She needs to bring that magic back and mojo back.

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