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Demi Lovato: ‘Demi’ Full Album Stream!

Demi Lovato‘s fourth studio album Demi isn’t due out until May 14 but you can listen to it in full now! The 20-year-old pop songstress has been premiering the album, track by track, via a ‘Tweet to Unlock’ campaign at her official website all day and as expected, Lovatics have unlocked the entire album in just a few hours. “I’m incredibly proud of this album,” Demi said in the press release. “It’s better than anything I have ever done! I experimented with a variety of different sounds and poured my heart into writing these songs. I’m so excited for everyone to finally get the chance to hear them!” Demetria co-wrote nearly every song on Demi, along with a team of top producers and writers including TheSUSPEX, Priscilla Renea, Ryan Tedder, Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou, Carl Falk, The Monsters & Strangerz, Jonas Jeberg, Anne Preven and more. I’ve only listen to the album once but it already sounds like her best record yet. This is the Demi Lovato album you’ve all been wanting – so what are you waiting for? Listen below!

BUY Demi Lovato’s latest single “Heart Attack” and Pre-order the new album on iTunes NOW!


  • Ruben

    The album is complete crap. NO musical growth, same recycled material, no groundbreaking stuff. Unbreakable was much better.

  • Justin

    I agree. This album is a step back. The cover suggested a mature edgy sound finally parting ways w the Disney vibe but this cd is all over the place. Different sounds is right cuz she doesn’t know who she is just like an xfactor contestant. U don’t have to oversing every simple pop track that doesn’t require it. Be quiet. It doesn’t work for xtina either..

  • Josh Diaz

    Too Generic. “In Case” is the most mature song here. “Never Been Hurt” should be the next single cuz others are crap.

  • Max

    I love this Album. I think that it is a major step in the correct step for her considering everything she has been through. I enjoy listening to it and the songs are extremely catchy. I give her props and Heart Attack is THE SHIT. I applaud her for converting me from disliking her to really enjoying what she has to offer.

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