Flashback Friday: Katharine McPhee ‘Over It’

This weeks Flashback Friday song belongs to actress, singer, songwriter, and star of NBC’s SmashKatharine McPhee. The 29-year-old songstress first blessed us with her vocal talent as a contestant on season five of American Idol. Kat finished in second and we were later treated to her still fabulous self-titled debut studio album in 2007. “Over It” was unfortunately the first and only hit single from the record, it spent 16 weeks on the Hot 100 and peaked at No. 29. The song was your typical scientifically-engineered-break-up pop song at the time but Kat‘s voice always soared and it was a shame she was dropped shortly after the release of second single “Love Story“. All that is in the past though – Katharine is a legit actress now and is just months away from reviving her music career with the release of a new album via Columbia Records. According to THR, the album, due out this fall, will feature songwriting collaborations from Linda Perry, Salaam Remi, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder and Sia. Exciting stuff – get hyped!

BUY Katharine Mcphee’s self-titled debut album on iTunes NOW!


  • cruz

    The sexiest contestant to ever come through Idol…She is seriously talented too, saw her live in concert with Andrea Bocelli – holy shit she was stunning. Excited for her to get some legit material.

    Also, if you’ve never seen her audition for idol look it up right now, it’s insanely good.

  • David

    YAY for this! Kat remains one of my favourite singers from AI. Loving her performance on Smash, such a perfect show for her, wish there’s my seasons..
    Can’t wait for her new work this year!

  • JK

    Man she’s so underrated, but thank god for Smash…Waiting for her comeback! The producers sound promising!

  • number1k9

    This song grew on me thanks to a friend. And I also really liked “Love Story,” catchy tune too.

    Not to mention even her slight stab at Country with “Had It All,” is an all time favorite ‘Muzack’ songs I hear at work!! She is a decent artist.

    I guess the main issue with her is there is nothing interesting about her to make ppl stay interested in her.

  • EL

    I used to actually LOVE this album.

    “Each Other” was my jam and “Love Story” deserved to be a decent hit for her.

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