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Ke$ha: ‘Crazy Kids’ featuring!

Ke$ha prepares the release of new single “Crazy Kids” with the addition of! The track serves as the third official single off her third studio album Warrior, available in stores now. Produced by Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco and Cirkut, “Crazy Kids” has always been an easy favorite off the album but the added verse is absolutely unnecessary. With Warrior struggling to even meet a gold certification, Its clear they slapped on the feature in hopes that it would get the song more sales. Will co-wrote the track so his presence isn’t completely random but they definitely could have gotten anyone else and the outcome would’ve been better. In other news, Ke$ha‘s MTV docu-series My Crazy Beautiful Life premieres next week, on April 23 – make sure to tune in!

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  • RickyRatchet

    Oh come the FUCK on. Really? You get WILLIAM as a feature and except that to make the song huge? Jesus Christ. The song was fine on it’s own.

    3rd single still should’ve been Supernatural. Maybe it’ll be the 4th. Well, that is if a 4th is even announced. That depends on if this single makes an impact.

  • Carl

    This song was absolutely fine on it’s own, her second verse was a hell of a lot better than’s. This is probably my favourite track off Warrior but I don’t know how well it’ll do on the charts. It’s not as radio friendly as some of her others but I think the Ke$ha ‘formula’ is starting to wear thin with people. C’mon is a perfectly good song but it’s just so damn predictable for her and the fact it barely crfacked the top 30 shows that she’s starting to lose her touch.

    Maybe this will shock a few people & show she has a few different sides to her music than just the radio-friendly pop she’s been churning out, or, it could go down in flames. It’s really hard to tell, but it’ll need a hell of a lot more promo than C’mon did if they wanna crack the Top 10 with it.

  • sjazz

    It is BECAUSE she RUINED her first single with an AWFUL video. Same like how Azaelia Banks is ruining her first single with an AWFUL video. All this Illuminati symbolism dont sit well with people yo. People want fun fun FUN videos. and there is NO recovery once you do it, even though C’Mon looked fun, it was still overlooked cuz people dont care anymore. Seriouslyyyyy…. illuminati shit just shows how they’re not individual anymore and are controlled by this crazy group. People want FUCK YEAH individuals. not im a drone. hellooooo its the HIPSTER ERA, where everyone feels UNIQUE. my 2 cents.

  • uchee

    This was by far the worst thing they could do to the song. Sadly, this will not create any sales. Will ruins the song, the song was amazing as is. Gosh, the record producers do not know what they’re doing.

  • Ryan "Fucqua" Smith

    @SJAZZ Seemed to do pretty well for Lady Gaga. Except hers is actually hidden which makes it creepy.

    I kinda like Azealia’s music video it’s just so damn dirty!

    • Sjazz

      Thats cuz our generation knew nothing about this symbolism thing when lady gaga first came out. she had EVERYONES love before, but her 2nd album songs n videos was too much so now only mostly gay people care about her.

  • jack

    I actually don’t think it was a terrible move. The verse doesn’t change the song much and will probably get people who don’t normally listen to ke$ha to check out the song. Also take into a account that the two might be friends and she might rather work with friends who get her than with the most popular male rapper at the time. is friends with Britney Spears and that is why the two work together – in reality she is helping him more than he is helping her.

    • paul

      I agree that she’s helping him more that he’s helping her. But man, in the pop music industry they don´t do that kind of favors. Everything it´s about selling.

  • 3a6ooy

    the song could be a major hit with kesha herself without featuring anybody.
    All that matters should be the next single!

  • Crazy Kid Supernatural Warrior

    1. The original song is pretty damn good.
    2. This version is okay, except is a creature & his presence ruins everything
    3. The cover doesn’t even look like Ke$ha & it’s drastically/shamelessly airbrushed
    4. I really hope this becomes a hit, because K$ is in desperate need of one after C’mon didn’t match up to previous hits & her album literally fell off the charts…

  • Poweroff

    Will.I.Am at his worst. I liked him before this song. He completely ruined that song. Thank god there is a solo version.

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