Flashback Friday: Willa Ford ‘I Wanna Be Bad’

This weeks Flashback Friday song belongs to Willa Ford; singer, model, television personality, and the star of 2009’s Friday the 13th. “I Wanna Be Bad” is the first and only hit single from her 2001 debut album Willa Was Here. Featuring Royce da 5’9, the single sold over 250,000 copies and peaked at #22 on The Billboard Hot 100. “I Wanna Be Bad” will forever be known as the ultimate good girl gone bad anthem. It cannot compare to the songs out today (partly because it is a decade old), but it’s still a fun pop song and who doesn’t love a slutty pop star. Time to put on those hooker heels ladies – I, I, I, I I wanna be bad with you baby!

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