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Demi Lovato: ‘Heart Attack’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Demi Lovato‘s latest video for “Heart Attack“! The track is the lead single off her upcoming fourth studio album Demi, scheduled to be released on May 14. Directed by Chris Applebaum, the clip features Demi accompanied by a three-piece band, in a variety of black and white themed surroundings with dramatic and edgy lighting. The video is easily her slickest visual yet and should only help further the success of “Heart Attack.” Congrats Demi – you did good girl! What do you guys think?

Can’t see the video above: Click here!

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  • Mackie

    Meh. Not a bad video…but as for the song, I only like how she sings Heart attack..the rest sounds like it could have been from her previous sessions.

  • jO

    I like the song. I like the parts where she’s rocking it out with the eyeliner, flashing lights and hair blowing all over.

    I just don’t understand why she’s rubbing black stuff all over herself.
    is that supposed to symbolize something?

    • Cameron

      Maybe that’s her, like this the lyrics trying to hide her glow for her romance, because she knows it will only break her heart.

    • Paul

      You are just an idiot, probably a lesbian having problems to face it, reacting when a hot chick like Demi shows up. And btw, lesbians are sexy. Funny how someone can be such a loser by writing only 2 lines. Better luck next time, Jessie.

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