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Chris Brown: ‘Fine China’ Song + Video Premiere

It hasn’t even been a year since the release of his fifth studio album Fortune and Chris Brown is already preparing the release of new album X this Summer. Chris leaps into action today with the premiere of “Fine China,” the lead single off X. Produced by Roccstar and PK, “Fine China” is upbeat pop number packed with fun ’80s backbeats and a smooth urban-infused melody. It doesn’t sound like a hit immediately but I have to give Chris props for ditching the dance beats for something with a little more quality. The accompanying video directed by Sylvain White is a solid visual and helps bring the song to life. Watch it below!

BUY Chris Brown’s new single “Fine China” on iTunes NOW!

Fine China


  • Idolized101

    Chris brown is “meh” to me. its ok. I most like your picture you choose is that Lady Gaga in the back of the car? LMAO she climbed out of the trunk.

  • Edg

    The video is kinda stupid and one thing that don’t make sense it that when the girl is having dinner with her family the food and the dinnerware are japanese not Chinese and this is very notable mistake that the direct missed and make him look an asshole, anyway the song is really cool I liked it a lot his choreography is flawless I enjoyed a lot it seem that Chris new album is gonna be cool

    • bozzpop

      Because Breezy tells it up front that he is inspired by MJ (also did for this track even before it was released), while Gaga claimed to do something unique, original, something that was never heard before and then goes and releases Born This Way…

    • Jessie

      Because Madonna is still alive and defends her body of work. And only the delusional will give breezy praise as the new MJ. But I totally agree if gaga gets shade for copying Madge then chris should too. He’s already done enough tributes to Michael, now he just seems like he’s coming for his spot…not cool.

  • Faizal

    I think the comments made so far is so LOL worthy. I suppose I can be Morrocan and like eating food from Russia with chopsticks? Who cares? hahah. Anyway, the video is awesome, I could really feel the MJ vibe though the storyline could have been developed more proper. =)

  • A

    I was JUST thinking about how Chris Brown is going to try to become the next MJ in the car on the way home. And then I sat down and watched this… jesus. Give it up.

  • Jessie

    I really hate when a legend dies and someone tries to take their place. He’s trying way too hard to seem like MJ now and his falsetto is really bad. But as usual the dancing was good and that Will.i.Am now tie is cool. Awesome that he’s going back to r&b and I liked that he doesn’t look as drugged out as he has been.

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