Selena Gomez: ‘Come & Get It’ Cover Revealed!

Calling all Selenators! Selena Gomez has officially confirmed that her new single is titled “Come & Get It” and it will be released on April 8. The track will serve as the lead single off the 20-year-old singer’s upcoming fourth studio album, secluded for release this Summer. Check out the official cover for the single above and check back on April 8 for the premiere of “Come & Get It,” which will get its first play on KISS FM with Ryan Seacrest. That’s not all: Selena will performing the song for the first time at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14 – Followed by Ellen on April 16. Its Selegend takeover, fasten up your seat-belt kids.


  1. Jessi k

    OMG I can’t wait! I’ve seen her recent dance videos and girl has been working on her moves. She’s already said her sound is more mature and sassy. She’s gonna step it up big time! I can’t wait for this era of her music!

  2. arjay

    love her edited voice. The one with effects and i hate it when she sings live. All i can hear is breathe and i always remember her performance of Who Says live on Ellen. Ugh. I love her songs, tho.

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