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Eva Simons: ‘Chemistry’ Single Premiere!

Dutch singer-songwriter Eva Simons is back with a new single titled “Chemistry“! The track will serve as the next promotional single taken from her long-awaited debut studio album, rumored to be called EVA-LUTION, that’s scheduled for release sometime this year via Interscope Records. Reportedly produced by RedOne, “Chemistry” is a upbeat dance number with a strong electronic base and addictive hook. The track isn’t everything I hoped it would be but its solid and a lot better than most of the dance records playing in Top 40 radio now. What do you guys think?


  • A

    Her music is such crap. There is no room for her in the music industry which is why she hasn’t taken off. So generic, she brings literally nothing new to the table.

  • Idolizer101

    She makes me sad because her first single was great then got confused as Rihanna/lady gaga and instead of owning that and maybe reaching out and doing a song with those artists she became known for that and blended in with the millions I have hope for her album because of red one.

  • Bobby

    I’ve pretty much given up on Eva Simons. Her debut album has taken way too long. She’s been in the studio for, like, a hundred years and has yet to even release an EP. Ever since the release of “Silly Boy” in 2009, I have been following her music career with hopes of an album. She had so many good songs leaked all over YouTube, but since she left her label, those songs were basically scrapped.

    I agree with IDOLIZER101 and with A, she’s now following the generic mainstream US artists’ footsteps and giving us sh-t music with “Renegade,” and now this.

    I loved her old musical style, but I think she’s focusing on being an American artist, and that’s kind of sad.

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