Jessica Sanchez: ‘Tonight’ featuring Ne-Yo!

Check out the premiere of Jessica Sanchez‘s debut single “Tonight” featuring Ne-Yo! After placing second on season eleven of American Idol, the 17-year-old songstress got signed to Interscope Records and has ever since been working hard on her debut album Me, You & the Music, due out May 17. Written and produced by Ne-Yo, “Tonight” is a care-free upbeat dance track packed with a radio-ready chorus and solid vocal work from both parties. The should serve as a perfect introduction for her. Sounds like a winner to me! Jessica and Ne-Yo are set to perform the track tonight (March 21) on American Idol‘s results show. What do you guys think?

Jessica Sanchez will release her debut single “Tonight” featuring Ne-Yo on iTunes tomorrow!


  1. Mic

    It sucks radio won’t give this a fair shot. Even tho this is a pretty generic song, I really wish she’d be successful.

  2. JustinSKYY

    Nice song! Finally an idol alum gives dance and actual choreography a try and tototally kills it!! Should’ve won idol last yr no doubt. Nobody needs a billion white dudes with a guitar and a Whiney song that sings only good enough to win the country fair back at in their redneck hometown ew . Jessica is a true pop star!

  3. Drew

    The real and obvious winner of American Idol. Never underestimate America’s ability to pick the lesser talented white boy over a female minority. Happens every year. Jennifer Hudson, Pia Toscano,and of course, Jessica Sanchez. The biggest travesty was Cassidy Pope winning over Amanda Brown and Sylvia Yacoub on the Voice. Ugh

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