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Beyoncé: ‘Bow Down / I Been On’ Premiere!

Queen B is back! We’ve all been at the tip of our toes waiting for new material from Beyoncé, and tonight finally brought just that. Titled “Bow Down / I Been On,” the song was posted on the diva’s official Tumblr moments ago. This is clearly not a single, most likely just a buzz track. The calm before the storm. Take a listen below!


  • Brandon

    It’s two songs previewed together. I have a feeling this album may be her best yet. I guess we all have to wait and see what this album is all about. But so far, I’m digging this.

  • Topher

    Uhmm like Jon said, it’s a BUZZ track. It’s far from shit. And you can’t compare this to Azaelia because you can actually understand what Beyonce is saying. (see Yung Rapunxel)


      I actually think B and Azealia have a lot in common and should definitely collab on a track together, that would kill the music industry.

      These two songs sounded very Azealia-ish, which is a good thing because if this sound is commercialized then Azealia’s next album is going to do phenomenally.

    • Kevin Dong

      Are you kidding? They sound so alike. Azealia is shit and beyonce rules. Beyonce shouldn’t stoop down to the ratchet’s level.

  • NΛVI

    lol beyonce is so pretentious . this have rihanna pour it up written all over she wants to be some hood chick *roll eyes*…beyonce keep making music that someone of her caliber shouldn’t. where’s the innovation, nothing new, just following the trend is see and as for the song(s) a total mess.

    • BowDownSnitches

      Rihanna wasn’t always hood if you remember that, but everyone welcomed her with open arms. And Pour it Up is not written all over this, Rihanna actually sampled that from Juicy J from Three6Mafia. They’re two different producers and it’s completely different. Do your homework 🙂 Also, Beyonce isn’t necessarily being “hood” in this, she’s just spitting on a track. Do you not remember DC’s “Soldier”? Honestly she’s branching out and trying a new sound, and honestly it does her well. They should Bow Down because her and her man pretty much are at the top of the game, steady family, rolling in the cash and living that life.

  • Sean

    The production is hot but she is just so fake. Beyonce doesn’t have one hood bone in her body. The arrogance is NOT a good look.

  • DREW

    Funny that Jay-Z came out saying he’d stop saying “bitch” and Bey comes out with this. I like this, but I feel like she should have dropped something like this during I Am…Sasha Fierce. But better late than never. You can’t judge her ENTIRE album and say she’s COMPLETELY changed herself to AB or Rhi based on one hype single. Everyone knows Bey is gonna do whatever the hell she wants, and then drop an amazing album that ALL of you are going to buy 100 copies of.

  • Jordan

    Topher, the real question should be “what about it is good?”

    It’s obvious garbage. Explain to me how this song is good.

    • Topher

      When did I ever say it was good? The only point I made on this song was agreeing that it was a hype/buzz song. It’s not a single and you can’t judge an album on a buzz single.

      So instead of deflecting, why don’t you tell me why you think its garbage?

  • Marcos

    There are no words to describe how bad this is, and it really doesn’t matter if it is just a buzz single, many other artists before her have done buzz singles 100% better than this. I also believe these songs show her true colors, and they are anything but pretty. I’m glad to say I never have and never will bow down to Beyoncé, she is no queen.

  • Brad

    When I first heard it, I thought she was calling out the other females in the industry. But, now I’d like to think she is aiming it at the endless supply of haters in the comments section of every video, and post on the internet that has her name.

  • Kristi

    I’ve been a fan of Beyonce’s since she was performing in Houston high school auditoriums with Destiny’s Child in 1997. This is clearly a buzz track and it’s doing exactly what she intended. Personally, I can’t stop listening to it…I’m Houston till the day I die and I LOVE it!

  • Ryan "Fucqua" Smith

    I enjoy them :). Enjoying the dirtier Beyonce… And I’m sorry how does she compare to any other artist she’s on her own level… She has full control of the material she releases. Something tells me that someone like Rihanna is just a product of her record label. She does what they say and they bring her massive success. I still see Beyonce as a more stand out persona when compared to Rihanna.

  • Anthony

    Although we can’t compare Azealia Banks and Beyonce, this sound is definitely different and similar to the sounds of Azealia. It’s the new thing.. roll with it.

  • Karen

    Very disappointed with these. I hope they aren’t on the album.
    4 was her worst album to date and I think this might be even worse. 🙁

  • Edg

    Fuck Beyonce she doesn’t have talent anymore her music is crap, her career is running outta time and fame, with shitty songs like this she’s become another average singer

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