New Music,  Premiere ‘That Power’ featuring Justin Bieber

Check out the radio premiere of‘s brand-new single “#ThatPower” featuring Justin Bieber! The track is the latest single off Will‘s fourth solo studio album #willpower due out April 9. The radio-ready dance track samples a bit of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” and has Justin take over duties for the hook. “#ThatPower” basically just follows the footsteps of his previous singles with its thumping club beat and catchy chorus. Its expected and Top 40 should eat it up like candy. What do you guys think?


  • Jessi K

    I kinda wish a female sang the chorus. Like Kelly Rowland, leona lewis or maybe even Demi Lovato. Justin just doesn’t make the song for me. But knowing Will.I.Am, he needs the big name collabo to sell records so kelly and Leona wouldn’t work for the US market.

    • latasha

      YES! I was thinking just that. It would’ve been a fantastic song if Kelly or Leona sang it. would never though his singles usually have big US artists attached to it so it sells. This song will def sell, but it would’ve been so much better with Kelly or Leona.

  • Will

    everything was going good until justin opened his mouth. He added nothing to the song, in fact only made it worse with his sad attempt to reference daft punk. It’s sad when you compromise artistic integrity to make a few bucks, because the song would have been way better had WILLIAM, as you have all mentioned, picked someone with vocal range.

  • Francesco

    I don’t like Justin Bieber,a little spoilt but anyway, I am here to comment about the music. I really like this song, yes it does sound like Scream and Shout. I have been listening to it all day! I just have to imagine that Conor Maynard is singing it lol.

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