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Havana Brown: ‘Big Banana’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Havana Brown‘s latest video for “Big Banana” featuring R3hab and Prophet! The track serves as the third official single off her debut EP, When the Lights Go Out. Directed by Einar Egilsso, the clip sees Havana arrive at a strange house party to entertain a crowd of awkward and strange individuals. At first I was a bit confused by it all but then she started dancing and I was living for every second. Loved all the outfits and the tounge-and-cheekness of it all. “Big Banana” has already reached number one on the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart so let’s hope it crosses over to the Hot 100. Also for those wondering, Nick Baga is the name of the hot guy in the end. You’re welcome.

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  • k

    Her on the diving board in THAT is the best thing ive seen in a music video all year…and I don’t even know who she is. AMAZING!

  • Idolized101

    *Sorry this is going to be rude. But this song was strange before the video. after seeing the video its clear the concept is lost. and well it may have been better if they hired the person who makes the fanta commercials to do this video.

  • Fre

    Chorus is great, beat’s fun, overall a good song.

    Just…she’s so pretty, the funny/slutty theme didn’t work.

    Much would’ve preferred a Britney Spears “TOXIC” music video level of sexy seduction, or Havana working a runway & behaving more fierce than pure sex. Havana just looks more model-type than uber sex star or comedian like Pink/Kesha.

    ALSO, this chick can not put out this video and NOT expect SHADE for days! I’ve realized we’ve become so DESENSITIZED to the overt SEX theme that runs rampant in media, especially pop music while watching this video!

    Havana literally portrayed a stripper who showed up to a mansion party, danced for guests and left with one of them. She just kept a animal print body suit on UNDER her actually stripper outfit.

    Dancing was great… song is a grower, but that shouldn’t excuse this trashy video! The message isn’t that great & she’s ruining her image herself in her own video. There wasn’t enough B roll/different scenes and looks (like Rihanna S&M) to distract from the stripper & overtly sexual theme and it comes off…

    as CHEAP as those GUMBALLS. lmao 🙁

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