Kelly Rowland: ‘Kisses Down Low’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Kelly Rowland‘s latest video for “Kisses Down Low“! The track serves as the second official single off her upcoming fourth album, Talk a Good Game, due out this summer. Directed by Colin Tilley, the 32-year-old diva comes out to play in a fun and flirty video concept featuring a ton of colorful outfits, sets, and wigs. The good news is that Kelly did not go dirty slut on us considering the songs subject matter. Instead Kellegend keeps things pretty classy and remains flawless (as per usual) while doing so. Thoughts?

BUY Kelly Rowland’s new single “Kisses Down Low” on iTunes NOW!


  1. bLaine kelley

    why the hell did she do a katy perry / carly ray/ nicki minaj colorfully animated explosion to this sensual song?
    the contrast is terribly conflicting.
    if you’re going to try and detract the viewers from the song’s suggestive lyrical content then why even make a video?

  2. Idolized101

    I love this video!! Fresh and new. Ppl are dumb. Hatin on her because there ain’t no story line?! Wow just enjoy it it’s hot to the point and once again I ask “beyonce who??!”

    1. Post

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