Introducing: Kat Dahlia

It’s about time I work up a post for upcoming singer-songwriter and rapper, Kat Dahlia. The first time I heard of Kat was when her stellar debut single “Gangsta” popped up on my Soundcloud three months ago. I was immediately intrigued and since then, the 22-year-old Miami native has proven herself well-beyond worthy of a little buzz with the video premiere of “Gangsta” and the release of her debut EP, which is three bundled tracks (Gangsta, Money Party and Mirror) from her upcoming album. MTV has already been described her as “a hip-hop Lana Del Rey crossed with the innate hardness of Rihanna” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. The chick has fierce flow, is easy on the eyes, can actually sing, and the music is different enough for her to stand out passed the comparisons. Their is some major potential here so be sure to keep a look-out for Kat Dahlia in the coming months. We have ourselves a winner!

BUY Kat Dahlia’s debut Gangsta EP on iTunes NOW!



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