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Dido: ‘End of Night’ Confirmed Next Single!

Tuesday (March 26) will mark the release of Girl Who Got Away, the brand-new album from multi-platinum selling English singer-songwriter, Dido! It’s been almost five years since Safe Trip Home was released in 2008 and now the 41-year-old pop veteran finally returns with one of her better sets featuring new single “No Freedom” and “Let Us Move On” featuring Kendrick Lamar. In Girl Who Got Away, Dido‘s voice sounds exactly as you remember it, soft and effortless, and her music remains quintessentially pleasant. One of the most interesting tracks, though, is the Greg Kurstin-produced synth pop magic on “End of Night” – a cool and witty fuck off to a past lover and confirmed next single. There’s enough going on here to please old fans and just the right amount of experimentation for newer fans to appreciate. Welcome back girl!

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