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Song of the Week: Jess Mills ‘Sweet Love’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from an artist I haven’t talked about in awhile, Jess Mills. The English singer-songwriter is currently working on her debut album alongside production duo The Flight (Lana Del Rey, Bjork, Orbital) and will shortly be unveiling two new EPs. The first, a remix EP including some of her favorite remixes of previous singles, the second being a collection of new material with various collaborators. First up, Jess reworks Anita Baker‘s 1986 classic “Sweet Love” into an incredibly smooth electronic number packed with sultry vocals, gauzy synths, and four-on-the-floor rhythm. I’m so in love with this and only proves that Jess is still very much the newcomer to keep your eye on. What do you guys think?


  • Nick

    The beginning of this song is almost identical to “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce. I had never heard this song before, and I had no idea that Beyonce borrowed from it! It’s amnazing! Now that I’ve heard Jess’ version, I have to go download the original!

  • Ike

    Oh wow, I am really enjoying your Songs of The Week, picking up some great new music/artists to get into. This is a GREAT version of this song, thank you!

  • reone

    I’m sure that she intended for it to sound like Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” too, as Beyonce did a medley of that song and “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker herself while on tour.

    I’m in love with this, though. “Sweet Love” by Anita Baker is one of my favorite love songs and so it’s nice to see people still know about it. This song also reminds me of Lisa Shaw’s “Grown Apart” in certain places. Shaw makes some pretty amazing House music herself (“Free”). Anyway, great song. Thanks for sharing!

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