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Amelia Lily: ‘Party Over’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Amelia Lily‘s latest video for “Party Over“! The track is the third official single off her debut album, Be a Fighter, scheduled for release in the UK on April 29. In the clip for “Party Over,” the 18-year-old X Factor alum spends the night having a wild time with her buddies at a house party. There’s a whole storyline revolving an iPhone but it doesn’t make any sense at all – to me at least. The song is still a major tune and I can’t wait for Amelia‘s album. What do you guys think?

Amelia Lily will release her new single “Party Over” in the UK on April 14!



  1. Ever wonder what a cleaned up Ke$ha looks like? Well here u are! Lol still don’t care for this track

    1. hahahaha… I said exactly the same, cleaned up Ke$ha!!! LOL

  2. Such a dumb and pointless video & song. Tried to like it…. She has such potential but it’s wasted from bad management and artistic direction. Too bad.

  3. I feel like Lily will do a Rihanna and release a load of “meh” tracks and then get one song that propels her to mega-stardom! Her “umbrella” so to speak.

    I hope it comes soon!

  4. Wow, tough crowd. I love the song. It’s sad that the video is so low budget and it’s kinda disappointing because the song deserves better – but I’ve seen worse. Can’t wait for the album either!

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