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Blake Lewis Signs To Republic Records, Releases ‘Your Touch’!

Everyone remember Blake Lewis? He was that cute beatbox guy who finished in second on the sixth season of American Idol. Blake‘s debut album A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream) failed to make an impact and his independently released 2009 sophomore album Heartbreak On Vinyl was a major club hit – but his music never really took off commercially. Yesterday, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter announced that he has signed to major label Republic Records (home to Drake, Florence + The Machine, Gotye, and many more) and will be releasing his third album, Portrait Of A Chameleon, this spring. The lead single “Your Touch” rolls from pulsating electronic and hints of dubstep into a hard-charging pop anthem with a killer chorus. The song is also being used for Internet Explorer 10 commercials. With the renewed popularity of electronic music, I think our Blake‘s deserved time may have finally come. What do you guys think?

BUY Blake Lewis’ new single “Your Touch” on iTunes NOW!!

Your Touch



  1. I loved Blake, he so handsome and adorable.

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  2. He makes a CD that’s ahead of its time, now he’s releasing music that already sounds old. He’s not gonna catch a break.

  3. I actually like this new songs dubstep beat. Very fresh!

  4. this motherfucker is so taLented. i own both of his releases and definitely believe the dude deserves his breakthrough! (fingers crossed it happens)

    his previous releases are pathetically under-rated!

  5. i like this song!!!!

  6. Loved him on idol, favourite that season, very original artist. I bought one of his CD, can’t wait for this one! New sound is dope

  7. I want him to be successful so bad. probably one of the only original acts to come out of american idol.

  8. I actually quite enjoyed his first album and was a bit sad it didn’t have success. This song is quite sick too. As awful as Microsoft is, they sure know how to choose music.

  9. I’m not feeling it. His best song is the one with Lupe fiasco on his first album. His high point is his beat boxing and jazz sound. He needs,to focus on this instead of desperately trying anything to please and one he should hit his strong points and he will do better. He’ll figure it out though. Never met a harder worker.

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