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Mariah Carey: ‘Almost Home’ Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Mariah Carey‘s brand-new song “Almost Home“! The track serves as the theme song for Disney’s upcoming fantasy adventure film, Oz The Great and Powerful. Produced by Mariah with Stargate and penned with Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray, Tor Erik Hermansen, and Mikkel Eriksen, “Almost Home” is your typical Stargate power ballad affair but Mariah makes it very much her own with soaring vocals and a beautiful melody. Miles better than “Triumphant” and its a sweet track that seems to fit the film nicely. David LaChapelle, who previously directed Mariah’s video for “Loverboy” and photographed her album covers, will helm the upcoming video. What do you guys think?

Almost Home



  1. This would’ve sounded better if Mariah was less egotistical about her voice. Nice simple melody and she has to ruin it with those over the top vocal runs.

    1. If she made it simple then everyone would complain about her loosing her voice, it being generic, etc. Goodbye hater. Anyways Mariah just slayed pop music with a Disney soundtrack. This is the best she’s sounded in such a long time I’m so proud of her!!!

      1. Completely agree with Smith

  2. ^^ shut up you tard. Was Michael Jackson not supposed to dance like he did because it was over the top? Was Michael Jordan supposed to half ass his games because he was too good? You make no sense. God gave her a jaw dropping gift and she’s clearly using it. You’re so redundant.

  3. Um, that’s what she’s been doing since day one, over the top vocal runs because she’s Mariah Carey. Shouldn’t be anything new…great track and vocals from Mariah. As much as I love my R&B soulful Mariah, it’s nice to hear her do something more pop.

  4. I love it! Amazing.

  5. The begining of the music doesn’t sound like her at all..but ok.
    I like this and like Mariah (the old era at least), altough I think this song would sound so much better if there was just a little less going on..
    But on the other way, it may suit the movie and the music video very well when it comes out just beacuse it’s a happy and fast paced melody.
    Better then Triumphant anyways. Almost there Mariah!

  6. one word to describe this: EPICCCC!!!!!!hail the queen MARIAH!!!

  7. shut up haters..

    its Mariah effin Carey.
    her vocals has always been over the top coz she can!

    I love this soo much!

  8. I like it. Don’t love it but like it enough to put it on my ipod.

  9. I am obsessed with this song; currently on repeat. Huge Mariah fan, loving her vocals and the key change is to die for. Been following this blog for years, thank you and keep up the great work Jon Ali!! 🙂

  10. loved it

  11. the best music out there right now!!and can be a CLASSIC Disney song!!love love love

  12. Yeah she has a good voice, does it fit the song? No. It sounded horrible at times.

  13. If you can’t recognize how much talent Mariah has then you can’t be trusted.

  14. Kinda Mariahesque, kinda not. A very Disney track with an MC flavour. Wished the backing vocals were a bit more with some really good opportunities missed – think Dreamlover. But love that she’s singing full-voiced again (the whisper drives me nuts!), with some much needed restraint (its a Disney tune) and a contemporary production from Stargate.

  15. I adore MC but this is just too average for her and seriously for a pop ballade that you have to listen few times to get it in the ear, not a good sign… I’m desperate for some original stuff from her, however unlike most of you I loved triumphant, so that may say it all… :))

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