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Justin Timberlake: ‘Mirrors’ Single Premiere!

Last night, Justin Timberlake hinted that he had a big surprise coming after his performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards and now here we have the premiere of his brand-new song titled “Mirrors“! The track serves as a promotional single and is available to download immediately once you Pre-Order the album on iTunes. Produced by Timbaland, “Mirrors” brings back the pop-leaning JT you all have been craving for. While “Suit & Tie” brought back influences from Justified, “Mirrors” takes notes from FutureSex/LoveSounds with its mid-tempo beat, drum loops, layers of slick production, and of course his signature switch into a completely different sound during the final few minutes. I’m already obsessed with it! What do you guys think?

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  • mike

    I really like this song, but don’t feel like his evolved as an artist, maybe he has perfected his sound, we will have to wait and listen to the rest of the rest of the album, but thus far I’m not overly impressed. That being said I love mirrors for what it is. And I don’t like timbaland, he’s kinda like, very one note.

  • Andrew

    I have to disagree emencely with the above writer. All I see it growth. His past two albums were slightly childish. The sounds and editing, everything. Here in this new era of JT, we are getting a very authentic sounding JT. No filters, just him and this class traditional r&b sound. Loving it. Just pure music, no gimmicks. Go JT!!!

  • cruz

    I think i prefer this to Suit & Tie, but really this track hits it’s sweet spot at 5:25 at the breakdown. Layered vocals and just a beautiful piano melody. That is what he killed it with Future Sex Love Songs. Excited to hear more, that is his vein.

  • Victor

    I LOVE tis song! Excited to hear this whole album.
    A bit sad it’s only 10 songs.

    Also, would you happen to have the Glee songs from the Diva episode last week?

    Thanks!!!! 🙂

  • bozzpop

    I really like this one… probably just because it sound a lot like evolved “cry me a river” that would be put on futuresex/lovesounds… however those claiming that with suit&tie he finally showed some originality are completely wrong, cuz that one sounds just like he stole it from Robin Thicke… with Mirrors he at least stays true to himself… 🙂

  • ANON

    This is what I was scared of with JT working with Timbaland again. It sounds like something from 2006-2008. That sound got old and boring years ago, and Timbaland’s ego is so huge that he’s seeking his past glory via Justin Timberlake’s new album. Plus the harmonies in the chorus are so annoying, the melodies are so cheesy and tired. Positives: the lyrics and the interlude. it sounded a bit more current.

  • TG

    I’m very dissapointed ! Didn’t expect a “Cry me a River” Part 2. The End Interlude is really annoying. Would be sooooo much better without all the Vocal Sample at the end ! Sometimes pure Music is much better !
    This Song sounds like a Leftover from Futuresex.

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