Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Taken Over’ Single Premiere!

You all should be no strangers to Swedish electronic duo, Rebecca & Fiona. The DJ team have been featured twice on Song of the Week for their songs “Jane Doe” and “Dance“. Now the girls are back with a new single, the first to be taken from their forthcoming second album. Titled “Taken Over“, it features Style of Eye, and is an epic return of their infectious synth lines and electrifying electro. They havenโ€™t strayed too far away from the sound of their first album but the progression is definitely there. What do you guys think?

Rebecca & Fiona’s new single “Taken Over” is available in Sweden NOW!

Taken Over


  1. K

    love the video and the look and the style but not feeling the song at all sadly. I wish the music were more unique like they seem to be. Still, thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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