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Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Boomerang’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Nicole Scherzinger‘s latest video for “Boomerang“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming sophomore album, due out later this year. Directed by Nathalie Canguilhem, the clip is mostly a lot of shots of Nicole strutting, dancing, and posing in various outfits. The best bits of the video are when the cool kaleidoscope pattern effects are being used. The song has grown on me a bit but I’m still not sure if its lead single material. What do you guys think?

Nicole Scherzinger’s new single “Boomerang” will hit iTunes UK on March 10!



  1. The concept of the video is really original the song is cathcy I hope that She can make it this time and have the success that she deserves

  2. The only thing I can’t stand in the song is the post chorus part. That ruins the whole thing for me.

  3. The song is really catchy. I personally really like the song and the video is nice!

  4. I have to say I’m disappointed, so many artists these days are just selling themselves to cheap material, pop music has been killed, I really likes Nicole’s first material, supervilain, her name is nicole, steam, baby love. just to name a few

    shame! everyone is just turning like a plastic emotionless doll.

  5. I have to agree with Colin. Whatever You Like is still my banger! I still would prefer Her Name Is Nicole over these pop trashy songs with RedOne and

  6. Catchy song and cute-ish video!

    I can’t help but want her to succeed, she’s practically begging for us to feel that way w/ this song though.

  7. perfection!

  8. Song grows on you for sure.

  9. I think the video really helps. At first I wasn’t 100% digging the tune, but after hearing it again and watching the vid. Is cool.

  10. LOVE the video, hate the song. She deserves better songs.

  11. I think the video is AMAZING…But doesn’t really go with the song. It should be a more edgy badass song to go with this video.

  12. GOOD! 🙂

  13. wth? the kaleidoscope effects were the worst part! they seemed cheap and annoying.

    the video started off very promising for me, but then went down hill…

    Nicole is one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world, so why the hell has she turned in her sexual alluring edge for this teeny pop video and song? it’s like a selena gomez clip =/

  14. crap song.
    not bad video.
    i mean… she tries so hard, but i cant feel star quality in her. Idk

  15. Honestly, people need to stop spending money on her. And by “people” I mean record execs, herself, and anyone who feels the need to buy her crap. Just stop, just stop supporting her. She’s awful. She hasn’t made one good song post PCD. Physical beauty and no talent.

    1. That’s an ignorant, and false statement my friend. Your entitled to say you didn’t like it or like her music. but don’t not to say that she hasn’t had any good songs, because record sales and critics would prove you wrong.

  16. People, song is classic euro sugar pop (it’s made for european market) and it’s definately a grower. And for those that are saying she’s got no talent should watch the last season of xfactor uk and you’ll admit to your sins… ;P

  17. I watched X factor Uk, this is shite and she is too.

  18. Great, great and great! I can’t wait for its launching. Though i still believe that her previous album are still the best.

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  19. reminds me a lot of “domino” by jesse j for some reason. but i think a lot of people are thinking the same thing and they are right: she just doesn’t have that star quality. she tries so hard and is kind of famous but she will NEVER make it big, especially with shite songs like this.

  20. I’m really liking the song, it’s super catchy and I can totally see myself not pressing the forward button on my iPod the next time I’m in the gym working out, but this video is crap. While I like the video, I feel it doesn’t mesh with the song. Something better could have been done. I’m really hoping this doesn’t flop (but let’s face it, Baby Love, Supervillian, etc.) all that was better than this. But, #fingerscrossed it does well on the charts!

  21. She’s NOTHING without the Pussycat Dolls…i’m sure she will notice.

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