Flashback Friday: Kelly Osbourne ‘One Word’

This weeks Flashback Friday song belongs to fashion designer, singer, actress, and overall flawless queen, Kelly Osbourne. “One Word” is the first and only single from her sophomore album Sleeping in the Nothing, which was released in 2005. Written and produced by Linda Perry, “One Word” is smooth synth-pop dancefloor number that eases you in with a spacey, synthesized intro and sample of 1980s Visage song “Fade to Grey“. Kelly glides through the song effortlessly. I’m still so obsessed with this song, it was ahead of its time. “One Word” was successful in the UK and charted at #1 on the US Hot Dance Airplay Chart. KELLY COME BACK!!

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    1. Karen

      “Miss Piggy” is laughing with her millions. Kelly wins! Flawless victory. Enjoy your caravan vacation to Skegness.

  1. Chrissy Leggs

    Now THIS is a BRILLIANT song, I’m still obsessed with this years later, still have the CD Single, amazing, she needs to return to music with more songs like One Word, and Datruth? More like lies, get a taste in music….

  2. Ryan "Fucqua" Smith

    Still one of my favourites. Loved it when it was airing on the radio’s here in SA and still loving it now.

  3. Oliver

    The song itself is not bad, quite catchy.. No doubt credit must go to Linda Perry though.. I don’t dislike her, but I can’t really understand some people thinking she is amazing.. She can’t really sing or act that well, isn’t really particularly pretty either.. She’s famous because of her parents and that’s it really. Not dissing her, but genuinely don’t understand it. :/

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