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Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Boomerang’ Single Premiere!

Check out the radio premiere of Nicole Scherzinger‘s new single “Boomerang“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming sophomore album, due out later this year. Produced by longtime collaborator, “Boomerang” is an uptempo dance number that is basically just your standard generic pop song. This isn’t an undeniable smash with global mass appeal, sorry Nicole. What do you guys think?

The music video will premiere on VEVO on tomorrow (January 25) and the single will hit the UK on March 10!




  1. not feeling it. sorry

  2. I personally have been waiting for this since the x factor promo last year and it’s amazing! She really delivered! I think you have really bad taste in music Jon, sorry but all the songs you say are a “must” to check out are crap. THIS is a sure No.1 hit! Mark my words! ;D

  3. So is just giving away his leftover tracks huh?

  4. Just sounds like a summary of the last 5 years in female pop music. Nothing original whatsoever. The only solo single of hers that did anything to me was Don’t Hold Your Breath. The promo for that whole last project was so whack.

  5. Nicole is the most talented singer of all times!

  6. Sounds like a leftover for Kelly or Pink. It’s almost there, but not super fresh sounding.

  7. I dont’ usually comment on songs, but this is really disappointing. I have always liked Nicole, but this is just mundane and a repeat of every other crap pop song in the market. Sadly I don’t think this will help her already failing solo career.

  8. I love it

  9. this is garbage. chrissy legs you got bad taste

  10. Oh, this is awful, generic crap.

  11. this….just sounds like noise. I really like Nicole… “right there” is my 2nd most played song on itunes but this just does nothing for me.

  12. It’s not terrible… It’ll probably end up growing on us.

  13. She’ll never get it right…

  14. Lol @ the haters. This song is such a grower. Idk why Nicole is so hated on the blogosphere?

  15. It’s ok it’s not great… Nicole needs to stop settling for sub standard leftovers by big producers… She’d be better off going with a smaller producers best tracks than’s mediocre ones

  16. God, I wish she would just GO BACK WITH THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!! They were so great, and had ACTUAL GOOD pop music. I don’t understand who she’s blowing in this industry to keep releasing songs that are crap…a normal artist wouldve been cut ages ago.

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