Flashback Friday: Amerie ‘Heard ‘Em All’

It’s Amerie! She took a little time out, took a vacation but boys, she’s back! Not really though. It’s just my new weekly feature, Flashback Friday, where I’ll be putting the spotlight back on some forgotten gems. To kick this off right, I had to show some love to the always underrated r&b diva Amerie. “Heard ‘Em All” was the second single off her fourth studio album, 2009’s In Love & War and even till this day, the song is still my jam. Produced by Eric Hudson and written by Sean Garrett, “Heard ‘Em All” includes all the elements to a hit with its energetic beat, thrilling horns, and killer hooks. The track did absolutely nothing for her career wise but it was undeniably a highlight and crunks along with a sound that’s still more adventurous than the majority of contemporary R&B. Now known as Ameriie, the 33-year-old songstress is currently working on an EP titled The Prelude, due to be released later this year. I’m ready!

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    • number1k9

      “Swag Back” was the jam from that album. And “Pretty Brown,” is the best contemporary R&B duet since its release IMO, and since Lloyd and Ashanti’s “Southside” in 2004!

  • number1k9

    Amerie is underrated. She hasn’t had IMO the best albums collectively, but has always had great songs on her albums, and decent-great singles!!!

    I wish her success but sadly she does not seem like she is truly after putting her entire life, heart and soul into making music for her ans and the general music public. Still like her and her music:)

  • Tom

    I think if swag back would have been released she would have had a much more commercial audience interested in her. It’s ashame because she is very talented.

  • Edg

    It’s a shame that this album was failure cos it has good songs moreover her career has been stuck up after this album therefore She hasn’t had a successful career, anyway I do like Amerie’s style she has chops to pull it off and have the success that she deserves

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