Ashlee Simpson: ‘Bat For a Heart’ Video Premiere!

After premiering the song back in November, Ashlee Simpson finally premieres the video for “Bat For a Heart“! The track was released as a buzz single on iTunes worldwide. “My full video of Bat for a Heart is up, look out for my app next!,” the 28-year-old singer tweeted. The clip is mostly just self shot black & white video footage of Ashlee rolling around, recording, and doing sexy ballerina tricks. I’m ready for whats next girl!

BUY Ashlee Simpson’s new single “Bat for a Heart” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Arty

    I agree with some of the other comments above. I REALLY wanted to like it, but it falls flat. :/ Bittersweet World and I Am Me were good, solid pop records.

  2. Casey

    THIS IS A BUZZ SINGLE EVERYONE. Buzz singles are just to get the artists name back out there they are never meant to do good or be some great radio ready masterpiece. the song is ok but calm down fans. It is not her first official single.

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