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Neon Hitch: ‘Happy Neon’ EP

Up-and-coming British singer-songwriter, Neon Hitch, who is best known for her feature on the Gym Class Heroes hit single “Ass Back Home“, has unveiled a brand-new EP titled Happy Neon. Following a trail of radio-ready pop singles (“Bad Dog,” “Fuck U Betta” and “Gold“), Happy Neon sees the 26-year-old songstress take on a much more emotional and highly personal route with her music. Produced by Neon herself and Happy Perez, the 6-track EP combines sleek dream-pop with icy electro, contemporary r&b, and light trip-hop. It’s more on the experimental side of things but it all works together and it’s a whole other side to Neon. A great treat for fans who have been eagerly waiting for her long-delayed debut album Beg, Borrow, and Steal. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!

Download Neon Hitch’s new EP, Happy Neon for FREE at her official website NOW!



  1. definitely loving this EP…. now even more excited for Bag, Borrow and Steal!

    1. its out already

  2. I love it !!!!!

  3. It sucks Soo bad

  4. So different from her other stuff, I like it.


  6. This really sucks …so much

  7. I think this is awesome.

  8. Songs are just the same type of songs that she was uploading to her facebook before her contract with the american record label. All sound very similar and not bad but never be anything new nor inspiring. This will just confuse her listeners what kind of music she wants to go for. The songs are exactly how she was singing and how songs were before the major level’s involvement with Benny Blanco. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Just wast of her own money in making this. Self satisfaction of hers and expression of frustration with the record label.

  9. Jon, you should definitely write a post about her new EP ‘301 To Paradise’! She took her style to another level, imo! 🙂
    Listen to it if it’s not done already 😉

    PS: Thought I should say it, I’m a big fan of your blog since its creation, I think! More than 6 years, no? Keep it up!

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