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Dawn Richard: ’86′ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Dawn Richard‘s latest video for “’86“! T track is the first single off her full-length debut GoldenHeart, the first in a trilogy, available in stores now. Directed by Eugene Lee Yang, the short film sees Dawn paying homage to her past including Danity Kane, her childhood, and native New Orleans. “We’re using all the things in my past that people may view as negative as a catalyst to be inspiring—to fight for something,” Dawn recently explained. I thought the video was definitely an interesting visual but I was kind of lost the whole time. What do you guys think?

BUY Dawn Richard’s full-length debut GoldenHeart on iTunes NOW!


    • Christopher

      Says the person who doesn’t have a picture on his avatar. You’re a jerk.

      The video was confusing. I don’t even care for that song to be honest but the album is really good. Dawn is awesome!

    • Kalub

      It is not about “charting”. I suggest you do some research on the artist before making silly comments.

      Dawn is an independent artist, and she does this because it is what she loves doing. Not because she wants to make a “chart-topper” or a “hit”. That is all so circumstantial, a hit is never a hit to every person.

      For the people who have followed her career, know her story, and understand the way she want to portray herself every single track on this album is a hit. Because she is being true to herself, her sound, and her fans who love her.

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