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The Saturdays: ‘What About Us’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of The Saturdays latest video for “What About Us“! The track serves as the lead single for their debut U.S. album Chasing the Saturdays, due out this Spring. The clip follows the girls just carelessly walking the L.A streets; shopping at a vintage shop, sunbathing by a pool, and lastly trespassing into a public baseball field where they execute some rather lackluster choreography. The Saturdays had the potential to be so much more fabulous and amazing to break America but this video is not going to cut it. It’s a shame too because the song is actually good. What do you guys think?

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  • Under

    Definitely could’ve been better but it shows their personalities a bit — obviously they are on a low budget since their label doesn’t know if they can succeed. Such a shame since they really could go far if they put more effort into it

  • 90210

    I love it!!!! It’s easy breezy reminiscent of their video years ago called “Higher” What’s also cool is the marketing aspects behind this commercial pop act. Vanessa has that very relatable look that average looking girls and even has latina & arabic looks that is awesome. Rochelle, Molly, & Una are super babes, Frankie is total hipster and the whole baseball thing is cool since America loves baseball and that dance int he field is something teenagers would do. since they are their target audience.

  • jO

    U.S. pop is not the same as U.K. pop.
    I feel like in the UK, The Saturdays had their own style and awesomeness and now it seems like they’re coming to the U.S. and now they’re going to be shoved into the tight mold that all girl groups go through here.
    The Saturdays is a group of classy, fun and mature WOMEN.
    This video looked like they were trying to be presented as teenagers or something.
    The Saturdays are better than this, and hopefully they don’t lose their distinct style and talent by entering into the a different industry.

  • London

    What a snoozefest of a video… and that pains me to say because I think this is an awesome song and it deserves MUCH better. They just can’t get it right.

    It’s like a couple of years ago when they came out with All Fired Up – that song was beyond amazing and the video was incredible. They deserve more success but they just can’t seem to get it right. Whether it’s down to promotion and/or the team behind them, I don’t know… But I think they may as well pack their bags and give up on the US now.

  • Louis

    I liked the video. You know what I liked even more though? The fact that they dropped SEAN PAUL from this song. Thank GAWD. At least their marketing team is making good, solid decisions from here on out (hopefully). The Saturdays are the queens of “not trying too hard”, and this is exactly what this video is. They all look stunning. I’ll agree that the choreo is pretty weak, they need some dance coaching.

  • Zack

    The choreo is actually fierce considering they’ve executed it amazingly during live performance but the annoying and awkward camera angles and lack of back up dancers detract from it. Plus The Saturdays aren’t fitting into “the tight mold all girl groups go through here” cause that mold you’re referring to is an over-sexed group of dancers, not talented carefree classy girls btw

  • jO

    The tight mold includes putting out songs that don’t showcase much vocal range (which these girls actually have) and it also includes wearing skimpy clothes and acting like inexperienced teenagers.
    One of them is married and another is married with a child. These are women who are capable of being sexy and conifident but also mature at the same time.

    • Zack

      Sorry but I don’t find anything not “mature” about this video. It’s reminiscent of Higher which was for the UK. The video basically reflects their personalities and great energy they all have which serves as a good introduction to the US market. Just because they’re filmed shopping doesn’t mean they’re automatically teenagers.. I don’t know any teenagers playing pool at a local bar lol

      • jO

        Higher was a street party that anybody could join into. I dunno, the vibe of this video just feels childish.
        I actually don’t think this video showcases much of their personalities at all. It’s like their personalities were wiped away and they were told to just wear skimpy outfits and run around.
        Look, I like the song a whole lot and love the girls.
        They should have just filmed a live performance to showcase how good this group is because their live performances of this song were awesome!

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