Jon ALi Presents: The Best Music Videos of 2012

It’s that time of year again to countdown the very best of the year. Before I get to the best songs, EP’s, and the hottest albums, here we have my Top 10 favorite music videos of the year. In this age of big Internet searches, Vevo, and YouTube playlists, a great video can pluck a song from obscurity and make it a worldwide sensation. This year in music videos hasn’t necessarily been the most memorable but I’ve managed to put together some quality visuals together that stood out to me. Check out my Top 10 below and comment with your thoughts and faves of the year. Enjoy!

Honorable Mentions: Lana Del Rey – National Anthem, Fiona Apple – Every Single Night, Grimes – Genisis, Frank Ocean – Thinking About You, Florence + The Machine – Spectrum, KAZAKY – Last Night, Ciara – Got Me Good, Nicki Minaj & Cassie – The Boys, Rihanna – Diamonds.



  1. I knew it i knew it go Lana!! And also P!nk! WTF WHY HYFR? WHY??

  2. The Drake/Lil Wayne video just seemed so out of place, I haven’t seen the full thing before, but the video didn’t look good :/

    The rest were all great, although I think ‘Summertime Sadness’ was more deserving than ‘Ride’. Missing IMO would be ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ and ‘Houdini’.

    1. If you ever get a chance you should watch the Drake ‘HYFR’ video… who doesn’t love a grown up bar mitzvah?

      Great list Jon! I really do love all the videos in your Top 10.

  3. This is so perfect – the Grimes video is all pixellated though.

  4. Like the list but Spectrum being left out of the top 10 is an oversight in my honest opinion.

  5. Ur a Genious, specially for adding girl gone wild, that video set Kasaky on the map and they are great!

  6. Where is Solange – Losing You? DEF. better than some in the top 10.

  7. lovely!

  8. I think Die Young, Scream and Shout and Primadonna are better than some of these. Interesting list, though. I’d agree that is was a pretty stale year for videos.

  9. It’s Genesis, not Genisis… Seriously?

  10. I dont think Girl gona wild should be there at all.

    R.I.P. Gangnam Style.

    1. missing:
      Purity Ring – Lofticries
      Wilco – Sunloathe
      Fiona Apple- Every Single Night
      Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks
      The Shins – Simple Song

      1. Stfu gabe.

  11. I don’t agree with the Drake/Lil Wayne or Grimes videos being on the list at all. I DO agree that “Ride” deserved to own the top spot. Lana is a gem.

  12. Good call with M.I.A. and Lana taken the top two spots, but I would place Pink’s “Try'” higher than that. Especially after she recreated it! Don’t agree with Grimes or Drake, and I think “How to Be a Heartbreaker” and “Let’s Have a Kiki” deserved recognition.

  13. When you put in videos like HYFR, this whole thing just loses credibility. Seriously HYFR?! Where’s Dawn Richards? tsk tsk

  14. Your List Was Flawless Boo!!

  15. Xtinas – Your body should have been included!

  16. definitely was surprised to see girl gone wild but was happy to see it…and HYFR

  17. Thought it was a great mix of videos minus HYFR. Glad to see Madonna, Grimes, Lana and MIA… although I think MIA should have been No.1. I was expecting to see Solange’s “Losing You” in the top 10 though.

  18. YES for TRY! 🙂

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