Song of the Week: Stafford Brothers ‘Hello’ w/ Lil Wayne & Christina Milian

This weeks Song of the Week comes from the Stafford Brothers! More importantly, it marks the return of unappreciated pop diva Christina Milian. The 31-year-old singer who hasn’t released any new material since 2008′s “Us Against the World” has slowly been preparing her comeback and it looks like its finally happening. “Hello” is her new collaboration with the Cash Money signed Australian DJ’s and their label boss Lil Wayne. It’s an electro-house number packed with repetitive synthesizers and a bangin’ beat drop. The track has all the ingredients of a smash hit but it’s going to need a serious push if they want it to go anywhere. More from Christina is set to come in the new year. GET EXCITED!

BUY the Stafford Brothers new single “Hello” w/ Lil Wayne & Christina Milian on iTunes NOW!



  1. Jake

    Uhm…should have never said ‘Hello’ is right. Can you say ‘We Found Love’ rip off? Christina Milian is indeed underappreciated. So Amazin’ is a mainstay for summer jammin in my car. But she will not find appreciation by trend following and swagger jacking.

  2. Ashlee

    It doesn’t really sound like “We Found Love” to me… yeah it has the same winning structure but they sound completely different.

  3. Chrystian

    It’s a We Found Love and a Somebody I Used to Know mash. But even more so than We Found Love, more similar to Tulisa’s Young (We Found Love rip… lol)

  4. Deborah

    I get the comparison with ‘We Found Love’. Never really really was a fan of Christina Milian and definitely not of Lil’ Wayne, this song unfortunately doesn’t change my view.

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