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OneRepublic: ‘If I Lose Myself’ Single Premiere!

After months of riding out “Feel Again,” OneRepublic premiere their new single “If I Lose Myslef“! The track is the second official single taken from their anticipated third studio album Native, scheduled for release early next year. Produced by lead singer Ryan Tedder, “If I Lose Myself” is a sweet and thoughtful pop-rock jam packed with dreamy synth and and a ear-catching chorus. It doesn’t drift too far away from its predecessor but this one is clearly the bigger hit. What do you guys think?

If I Lose Myself



  1. Oh this is amazing!!!!

  2. this is the 1st OFFICIAL single.. (proof here )
    Feel Again flopped……

    1. Feel Again didn’t even flop that hard… this is technically the second song they’ve put out from it. Feel Again was still on radio.

  3. I absolutely adore this song! Gorgeous!

  4. I’m definitely digging this way more than Feel Again although “feel again” is a summer song…

    //(^0^)// can’t wait for the actual album to be out!

  5. I actually like Feel Again better.

  6. file couldn’t be found. 🙁

  7. Really love this, I hope it does well for them.

    1. smash smash smash smash smaaaaash

  8. Feel Again was better imho… but I like this song too! I love OneRepublic!!

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