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The Saturdays: ‘What About Us’ Feat. Sean Paul!

It’s finally here! Check out the premiere of The Saturdays new single “What About Us” featuring Sean Paul! The track serves as the lead single off their U.S. debut album, set for release early next year. Before the official release of the song, remixes by Buzz Junkies, Seamus Haji and 2nd Aventure made their way online. Here we have the official radio edit of the pop jam which is far from groundbreaking but dishes up the right amount of dance, pop, and urban influences that should help it crack the states. The Saturdays new reality series called Chasing The Saturdays will premiere on E! on Sunday (January 20)! What do you guys think?

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What About Us



  1. This is such a terrible introduction to the US—and I say that as someone who loves their back catalogue. It’s so bland! And why bother attaching Sean Kingston? Is he relevant anymore? Would have been more fun if they got Azealia Banks to do a verse.

    They are so much better than this.

  2. Um this is actually good, good composition, lyric, music is familar tho…

  3. Wow, i surprisingly like this

  4. ^^^ LOL It’s Sean Paul not Sean Kingston, which makes it more irrelevant. Love these girls but not sure how well they will succeed in the US. I wish them luck!

  5. 2nd Adventure Radio Edit >>>>

  6. Sean Paul takes away from the song, Check out the 12″ version below its amazing, They should release this version instead!

  7. sorry wrong link:

  8. you tube “What About Us (12″ Version) – The Saturdays” it doesn’t have Sean Paul and is amazing.

  9. AHAHAHA, so embarrassed that I mixed them up, but yes, even more irrelevant!

  10. I love this!!

  11. As I fan of them, I find this quite boring. ESPECIALLY FOR AN AMERICAN DEBUT! They should come with a BANG! Not something this basic…

  12. Live performance of this song is 100x better than this! and sean paul doesn’t fit, for sure! I hope 2nd single choice is better…

  13. Blah. flop

  14. its quite a let down after huge hits like notorious and all fired up. Should have continued that direction. “Get ready, get set” and “Move on U” are perfect pop songs in their own right as well.

  15. Stop trying to make the Saturdays happen they’ll never happen tbqh.

  16. Its a great song but for thier U.S debut, I was expecting something major like Higher, Faster, All fired up etc they have so many good hit songs, which would have been a better option.

  17. this song is freakin amazing!! true sean paul does kinda ruin it, but i’m sure the higher quality versions will change ur minds, since the 12′ extended sounds amazing!

  18. God, this is terrible. It’s the blandest of dull dance pop. They seemed to have discovered a new direction with tracks like Notorious and All Fired Up, but this recent stuff is just boring…

  19. It’s a definite grower. I was ready to write it off as crap after the first listen but I gave it another chance, and I’ve had it on repeat since.

    It’s not the killer track that will propel them to the A-list but it’s solid Saturdays material, so at least they haven’t gone backwards.

    Can’t wait for the remixes.

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