Ashlee Simpson: ‘Bat for a Heart’ Premiere!

Earlier this month, Ashlee Simpson teased us with a preview of her brand-new single “Bat For A Heart“! Today, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has released the full track on iTunes worldwide. Written and produced with Linda Perry, “Bat for a Heart” is an edgy and bratty in-your-face pop jam packed with distorted electronica and a unconventional but catchy hook. The tune may not be exactly what you would expect from an artist that’s taken a four year hiatus but it all somewhat makes sense coming from someone who’s kept herself out of the spotlight and is without a record deal. It may not be polished and include a giant hook like her past hits did but what does exist is a solid and impressive song from an artist looking to deliver something different. I’m loving it. What do you guys think?

BUY Ashlee Simpson’s new single “Bat for a Heart” on iTunes NOW!

Bat for a Heart


  1. Ruben

    Honestly this song won’t chart and she’ll flop if she doesn’t release fresh new fun material. I like the song, but it won’t do well.

  2. Tre700

    I absolutely love this song. It is very unexpected & different from anything else on radio today. I really like the hook & the melody. Her voice sounds raw & untouched & I like that. Linda Perry is an amazing producer. I am huge fan & I am so glad Ashlee is back. I can’t wait for the full video premiere.

  3. Clinton

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ASHLEE! I have been waiting for her to come back forever. I like the song, HOWEVER I agree it wont chart well because though its a song her fans would like. It doesn’t fit whats popular right now. this should have been a bonus track and video.

  4. alex

    sound very catchy but i think they need to improve the studio sound to make this flawless…this mostly like studio version

  5. Topher

    What is wrong with you people? This song is a hot ass mess! Why is she still making music anyway? What happened to the days when you had to be able to SING to get signed. Now anyone can have a hit record! I’m highly annoyed.


    I thought it was a boring song the first time I listened to it but now Im addicted to the song. It just need time to sink it into my head.

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