Will.i.am: ‘Scream & Shout’ Featuring Britney Spears!

Check out the premiere of Will.i.am‘s brand-new single “Scream & Shout” featuring Britney Spears! The track is the latest single off Will‘s fourth solo studio album #willpower due out December 7. I’m not sure if I’m in love with this or I absolutely hate it. Listen and let me know what you think? UPDATED: You can now listen to the Explicit/Untagged version.

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  1. Idolized

    I think this one of his best solo singles.Very Trace of him.I need to have a remix to go club crazy. The chorus is little lame. It will grow on my I am sure. 🙂

  2. Francesco

    It sounds alright. I do like it that Britney is swearing and the accent is different but I would like something more, it is missing something different…vocally. Needs something exciting or a catchy chorus, the beat is a little flat. She doesn’t bring much to the song as much as I do love Britney.
    Thanks for the upload though!

  3. tengkui

    After a few listen, i actually loved it. It would have been much more better if it was britney’s real voice. Kudos to will.i.am for giving us a new and catchy material.

  4. Mike

    The verse melody sounds to much like Till the world ends, and I can’t even tell it’s her, The big fat bass at least had bit of britney.

    I think Will.i.am will disappear if he doesn’t evolve, everything he puts out sounds too him. People like dr luke and max martin, have that perfect pop sound, but its different with every artist.

  5. andrew

    nothing spectacular. it’s just okay.

    given how many times will.i.am’s solo career has failed to launch, i’m a little surprised britney attached herself to this project. they’ve obviously collaborated before, and i know they enjoy working together, but i was expecting this song to have more too it. most definitely will not be a hit.

  6. ryan

    error on the download link – The file has been deleted and it cannot be restored. Files must comply with our terms of service.


  7. Ben

    I was expecting a huge dance anthem with fat bass and incredibly catchy beat …this is somehow different, its not bad its even great but I am confused

  8. Chad

    Will.I.Am is just terrible as a producer and solo artist. He hasn’t released one good song. It’s like there’s no climax to this song at all. Britney’s normal voice would’ve sounded a lot better than this accent…

    1. sean

      omg YES. Will.I.Am always has the most boring songs that go on and on and through three different sounds but NEVER GETS EXCITING. ugh. He’s givin me blue balls over here.

  9. Mikey F

    This is really GREAT.. I find it to fresh and different from anything else out there. It’s pretty addicting after awhile.. LOVE IT!

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