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First Listen: Kelly Clarkson ‘People Like Us’

Check out your first listen of Kelly Clarkson‘s brand-new song “People Like Us“! The track is one of three new tracks featured on her very first hits compilation, Greatest Hits – Chapter One, hitting stores on Monday (November 19). Written by Blair Daly, James Michael, and Meghan Kabir, “People Like Us” is a angsty pop anthem packed with empowering lyrics, a glorious chorus, and powerhouse vocals from one of the most talented vocalist in music. This is the Kelly we are all used to and love. The tune is the perfect addition to an already amazing collection. Be sure to check it out!

Pre-order Kelly Clarkson’s new compilation Greatest Hits: Chapter One on iTunes NOW!



  1. I think your review is a bit bloated, but it’s not bad. Catch My Breath is my fav out of the three new songs.

  2. I like it way better than “catch my breath”!

  3. Too much like a Pink song. Kelly’s voice is better than this song.

  4. Amazing!!!!!! She never disappoints!

  5. Kelly needs to retire already,this sucks,same goes to her latest 2 albums.

  6. This will be a massive hit. Don’t know if it can top Stronger but it could come close.

  7. I LOVE THIS! One of Kelly’s BEST songs.

  8. Sounds like Gaga in the first seconds of the song! haha

  9. Rena, you have a tin ear if you think her last two albums sucked! And Sean, what the hell are you trying to say about P!nk? P!nk is a vocalist as well. A damn good one at that.

    On that song, this song is good. Not great but good. The three new songs I’ve heard leave me wanting more. If that’s all of the new stuff on the Greatest Hits album, then I’m a bit worried for Kellegend.

  10. amazing. This is classic kelly and what she does best. For sure hit! people are crazy if they think this is bad. Really?

  11. woow!! this is amazing!!

  12. this is a sure HIT! but where can i download this?

  13. Queen Kelly reigns.

  14. really liking this song!

  15. If i don’t over analyze, good stuff from Kelly. She does manage to be creative and still dish out stuff that junta wants to listen to.

  16. I like this song!

  17. awesome song , i am love with them. thanks for sharing it here.

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