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Pitbull: ‘Feel This Moment’ feat. Christina Aguilera!

Check out the full premiere of Pitbull‘s new track “Feel This Moment” featuring Christina Aguilera! The song is off the 31-year-old rapper’s upcoming album Global Warming, which is set to hit stores next week on Monday (November 19). Produced by The Messengers, “Feel This Moment” samples the A-ha‘s hit song “Take On Me” and is your typical dance-pop Pitbull affair. Rumored to be the album’s fourth official single, “Feel This Moment” shouldn’t have any problems becoming a hit. I’ve also included Pitbull‘s collaborations with two of my faves The Wanted and Havana Brown. The beats are HOT HOT HOT! Be sure to check them out, Enjoy.


  • Colin

    Oh no! what is Christina doing, she is so much better than this brainwashing stuff. I got half way through and had to turn it off, felt like my intelligence was decreasing the more I listened, was hoping for so much more from her this year. Lotus is slightly disappointing and too mainstream also. I think my years of liking her music are now at a standstill, sad.

  • Joshua

    The Wanted one is easily the best track on the whole album. And beside Havana’s it’s the only tolerable songs on the whole thing. I don’t like Christina’s at all. And JLo’s track is cringeworthy, as is most of the album.

  • mikey

    i like the christina aguilera one it just seems like it ends when there should be more and cuts off i dont like it when songs do that

  • BozzPop

    I really like Feel This Moment, it’s catchy and awesome for partying… of course if won’t challenge your intelligence, but I don’t need that in every song… besides ppl complaining about Lotus were obviously never real Xtina’s fans because Lotus is mindblowing pop album that represents Stripped pt.2 obviously evolved and with influences from both later eras of B2B and Bionic, besides lyrics are beyond what you’ll get in current pop/dance songs.

    • Michael

      THANK YOU! I mean I was disappointed at first with lotus, thinking it was going to be more crazy and all about living life and being freakin awesome (aka super dance oriented) but after giving it a second and third and forth listen I was like…”damn christina, this is deep gurh…I always forget you’re all about a good slow jam *begins to sway*” LOTUS FTW! her voice is on point, the songs are true to what the album represents and (beside the atrocious album cover) this is solid Pop gold. I’m glad christina kept it real and made an album about a period in her life and not just mainstream blah blah blah

  • paul

    I would have rather heard paris hilton’s take on “Last Night” tbh. And I agree that The Wanted song is the best on the album. Have had it on repeat all day. Shouldve been the single, hopefully the next one at least…

  • Colin

    I just don’t think it’s as groundbreaking as bionic. Bionic had a strong mixture and felt like it held it’s place outside mainstream music. Lotus is very mainstream and being a fan of christina since the beginning I expected a lot more, maybe too much. In reality though she also promised it putting herself high up. I feel like she is trying to channel too much of her old self than to reinvent which is what she used to be solid at. It may be that I’ve also matured out of mainstream music being 21 and I’m just now looking for something extra

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