Girls Aloud: ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’ Premiere!

Girls Aloud are just two weeks away from releasing their latest greatest hits compilation Ten on November 26! Lead single off the set “Something New” will officially be released next week in the UK on Monday (November 19). While the girls are busy preparing to embark on a tour, they’ve found time to drop by BBC Radio 2 to premiere “Beautiful Cause You Love Me,” one of three new tracks featured on Ten. The tune adopts your typical pop ballad style, as well as conveniently showing off their versatility by creating a stark contrast to its predecessor from the LP, the more upbeat “Something New.” It could be better, but I’ll take it! Thoughts?

Beautiful Cause You Love Me


  1. cameron

    Only bit I like is hearing Nicola.

    Girls Aloud are completely irrelevant to me these days.

    I’m all about The Saturdays and Little Mix now.

  2. Andrew

    Im really liking this new wave of music from them! It is very different from their other pieces. Some of the past songs in old albums are not memorable and not strong. But the last two songs i feel have relevant energy and sound to them.

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